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This is Anthony, a cat I was friends with during the summer. I was reading a book late one night when he walked into my room, jumped into my lap, and started purring. He hung around our house and followed me around for about a week before his owner responded to our ad and came to get him. He was one of those amazingly easy-going cats who'll just let you cradle them, roll them over, or do pretty much anything without minding at all. I miss him; if he hadn't had an owner, I would have kept him.

His real name turned out to be Elfin, which I think sucks. (Though it's not as bad as the name of another neighbor cat who hung out in our yard; while we called him Drexel, the name his owners gave him was Crybaby.)

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A Bitterroot landscape. I hate landscapes and this one is unremarkable, but I drove through this kind of scene so many times I had to take a picture, even if it would be boring to others.

It's not orange because of the sunset but because of the smoke from the late summer wildfires.

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I'm long overdue for this, but here are some photos my mother took of me a couple of weeks ago.

Since I haven't had a decent picture of myself in over a year, which of these do you think I should make into an icon?

I think I'll dye my hair red again when my internship ends.

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