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Firefox 3.5 is out today! Go download it!

The best thing about it, from my self-interested perspective, is that it has color profiles enabled by default, so you'll all be able to see my pictures the way they're meant to be seen without my nagging!
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Apparently the full documentary The Times of Harvey Milk has been made available on YouTube. I was lucky enough to be shown this film in class more than once in high school, and I highly recommend it. Take some time and go watch.

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A while back, I made a tutorial for my mother explaining how to share playlists on iTunes so that the intended song order is preserved. Recently I forgot how to do it myself and used my tutorial to relearn it, and realized the tutorial is pretty good, so I might as well share it.

Since it was written for my mother, some of it is much more basic than most of you would need, and it refers to data CDs specifically, but the technique for keeping playlists in order applies just as well to uploaded zips and similar. It's also Mac-based but should be intuitive to do on a PC.

How to share a playlist in iTunes and preserve song order )

How to open a playlist in iTunes and preserve song order )

There you have it. Of course, if you know of a better way to do this, let me know!


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